From the source: A new way to read about the latest news

We receive a lot of new product, service and event news that we feel are of value to our readers. It’s often straightforward information that doesn’t require an opinion or input from our Editors. Traditionally we’d take the press releases we think our readers will find interesting, scrutinise them if necessary, re-write them, and publish them. We think of it as a service to our readers and the industry.

These days we find ourselves overwhelmed with valuable and interesting news that we feel is just as good coming from the brands themselves rather than through us. Providing a space for brands to speak directly to our audience allows the CyclingTips Editors to focus on other content that benefits our readers where our opinion and context does matter.

The result is ‘From the Source’, where we offer brands to submit their own content that is of value to our readership. We still have strict guidelines (you can read them here if you’re interested) and we still scrutinise and reject content if it does not meet our standard and add value to you, the reader. If a submitted press release does require ‘our take’ to give our readers a more complete picture, we will still do this as we’ve always done.

When you see an article containing ‘From the source’ tag on the homepage or with the headline in blue, note that this is content directly from the brand and it has been vetted by our Editors and deemed worthy of your attention.

The goal is to connect our audience directly with brands so that if you have questions for them on their products and services you’re able to get answers, while maintaining a high standard of credibility, trust and authority.

We separate this content from CyclingTips editorial by clearly marking it ‘From the source’ as well as with its own visual language so there is no confusion as to what it is.